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Who we are

A2 Software Management & Consultancy Services (SMCS) is a unique combination of technology professionals who focus on solving your business requirements using technology and the internet. Our only goal is to provide our clients with a Return On Their Investment (ROTI).

We utilize the “bottom up” approach. This simply means we help mid-level companies compete and succeed against their rivals, both big and small. We do not replace domestic technology resources with lower cost, outsourced resources. We realize this sounds strange since we do utilize some offshore resources, but below is an example:

Many large corporations have used outsourcing simply as a way to cut costs. This means they were already spending $X amount for technology resources and thought they could use outsourcing to get the same results and spend less. It was a decision to simply increase their bottom line. This is what we call a “top down” approach.

We do not work with large corporations. We work with mid-level companies who cannot afford to spend $X amount on necessary technology projects. Unfortunately, their inability to complete these types of critical projects causes them to continue performing costly manual processes which reduces their overall competitiveness. In the long term, this can be detrimental to the health of their company.

This is where SMCS can help. We provide cost effective, technology solutions – not just resources. We help mid-level companies complete their technology projects and thereby increase their competiveness and profitability. We enable them to move forward on projects previously considered cost prohibitive. We call this the “bottom up” approach.

Helping mid-level companies compete and win gives them the opportunity to grow, hire more people and become more profitable. This provides our clients a Return On Their Investment (ROTI). Invest with us today! Contact Us - NOW