Offshore Development

At SMCS, we believe IT consulting is all about assessing technologies from an array of options and selecting solutions which will best meet business objectives and ensure long term value. Our solutions help you organize business and technology strategies - cost effectively.

If you have considered outsourcing recently, you may have thought about the key success factors to "Make It Work". We are into off-shore software development from last 10 years and in these years, we have gained substantial experience in how to manage an offshore operations.

We beleive the success of an off-shore development process depends on following factors:
  • People: No matter how well you define your requirements, how solid the process of your supplier looks: you need to have the right person doing the right things in your projects. We have strong proven process in place to build a strong dedicated team that will produce results on the long term for yous.
  • Process: There needs to be a common understanding of "how we work". With past experience we have learned and created a process model which helps us in meeting your expectations and keeping you informed about status at each phase of project.
  • Profit: Before and during the association, our major goal is to provide our clients with a Return On Their Investment (ROTI). We believe our association should not be limited to the cost-savings; the maths should take into consideration: increased flexibility, possibility to take on more projects and grow in revenues, to realize faster time to market.
  • Performance: We beleive, each person working should create productive output and this needs to be measured. We regularly evaluate team members on aspects like productivity, quality, personal skills and team skills.